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Weave/Braids: Ultimate Know How

Now that the protective style challenge is in full swing i've received a few emails about the do's and don'ts of protective styling and hair care especially for weaves and braids. 

Here are my top tips:

1- Pre weave/braids

-Get rid of those split ends. Split ends do not mean an extreme cut, they simply mean getting rid of the weakest ends of your hair that have split. What's more you won't have to worry about them for a while once they are being protected, which in the long run means you can finally retain hair length.
-Do a protein treatment/ protein deep condition before having your hair done. This ensures your hair is extra strong and ready for manipulation when your protective style is being installed.

2- Braids/ Braid patterns

-Speak up. Do not be a victim of tight hair. There is definitely a point of equilibrium when hair is tight enough and neat without being overbaringly tight. Tiny raised hair bumps all over your head are usually a sign of extra tight hair. You can always soothe this with an aloe vera spritz.
-For those on the protective style 6 month hair challenge or who always have their hair in  weave; alter your braid pattern. This does not mean completely changing the pattern, but variation will allow your hair to have a break and cause less stress on your hair.

3- Weave wars- a dollar short?

Being the saver that I am it took a while for me to embrace the cost of what you call that 'good weave'. Now having splurged all I can say is cheaper hair = more tangles and less wear and more expensive = tangle free...long lasting

4- Hair Treatment

This applies mainly to weaves. Before this install I had a highly unanticipated blonde moment. I washed my hair whilst in weave and used black hair products and wondered why the hair was so hard! Moral of the story... stick to your hair culture!
Brazilian, peruvian, indian hair should not be treated in the same way you treat your own hair. Invest in hair products that suit your weave type.
Most weaves simply need a dose of leave in conditioner to make them smooth and silky and a squirt of serum to give them the slight sheen that most of us desire.
The styling products that i'm currently using are Paul Mitchells leave-in conditioner and pantene serum. This duo works perfectly in giving my weave body, smoothness and a touch of needed shine.

5-Scalp care investment
-Nozzle heads-

Many people struggle to oil their scalp when in weave or braids. The best investment i have made whilst wearing my weave is in a point tip nozzle head bottle. This allows me to apply oil directly unto my scalp without having to use my fingers and without worry of oils spilling unto my weave and making it greasy.

6- Hair washing and deep conditioning cycle

I believe very strongly in keeping your hair clean when wearing weave or braids. I strongly dislike the idea of unwashed smelly 8 week old hair. The smell isn't for me. What's more my hair thrives when it is clean. Product build up clogs your scalp pores.

Deep conditioning your hair gives it lustre and adds to your hair health, giving it the needed moisture and strength it needs whilst kept away.

7- Resting phase

Give your hair a break! Having your hair re-done a day after taking it out= extreme manipulation. At this point your hair is susceptible to thinning. Giving your hair a week's rest prepares it for initial manipulation from your next install.
For more on how to care for your hair when in weave or braids check out these posts:

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  1. No.6 - do you deep-condition even whilst wearing a weave? if so how is it done? DIY or Salon?

    1. Hey Anon! Yes I do! I focus on my leave out hair and then try to DC as much of the hair underneath as possible. I have always done this by myself at home


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