Monday, 2 May 2011

BlackHair Magazine Hair Service

Hey folks,

sorry its been a while, in fact its been two weeks since i last blogged *embarrassed face* ... and to top it off i'm now ill! Thank God blogging doesn't require you to leave your bed!

I hope everyone had a fab easter and of course watched the royal wedding on Friday! I had a good chat with my sister about Kate's dress. It definitely was an advance from Diana's... it so funny how fashion changes with time. Im sure she'll make a wonderful Mrs. I do wonder why i didn't see Obama in the crowd! Anyone care to explain? P.s i finally bought a nikon!!! I can't wait to put it to use!

But i'll spare that excitement for pictures!... Back to todays news.


The guys at BlackHair magazine, where we were so happily featured, are offering a wonderful oppportunity to get free hair service. The offer is for any Ladies around the East London/Romford, Essex area who fancy having their hair done for free by a professional hair salon and then writing about it? If so, contact BHM on the facebook page wall.

As per hair styles offered... 'it should be a simple wash, blow etc etc...'

You can also check out our feature post in the black hair mag here

x edF

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