Thursday, 23 February 2012

The 5 Articles...

Just in case you're all wondering when I'm going to add my two pence to the Fibroid and Hair Relaxers relaxers story, unfortunately that wait may take a decade or two! I think there have been more than enough re-posts, and I honestly think that there needs to be so much more done on the study. It is in no way conclusive!
Yes, relaxers are chemicals, and chemicals may suck here and there, but being relaxer free and eating Mcdonalds every day with increasing cholesterol levels is also significantly detrimental. If you'd like to read more and get a scoop on the hype, here is a link to the story on Curly Nikki.

In other news, back to the post!
My hottie housemate post her Big Chop! Rocking that TWA with swag!!! 
The hubby read the blog and surprised me with the bracelet I mentioned wanting in my other 5 articles post!
Finally have my VW's back! The balls dropped off so I had them fixed! Yayy
Some more Vals day luxuries! This is now my favourite corner in my room! I'm a sucker for flowers!!!
Did a mini photo session with Motel Rocks for a uni campaign and got a discount code, I think i'll purchase these bottoms!

Avec amour...

edF ❥


  1. LOVE THOSE LEGGINGS!!! Really wishing I wasn't broke and that the price wasn't in pounds. Free shipping, too? SOLD (hypothetically)

    & your housemate has all kinds of swag going on. F-I-E-R-C-E

    1. me too! Price is lethallllll! Yeah she's hot, especially since embracing her new cut! :)

  2. Love your housemates twa TOO nice... Im a sucker for flowers also..

    1. O me too! Im definitely covering my house in them! Aww i'll let her know x


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