Friday, 10 February 2012

Protective Styling Boredom | 10 things to know about me...

Wearing a weave doesn't leave you with much to blog about unless you're a youtube whizz and can wow the world with yummy tutorials. I've already planned a 3 part youtube weave 101 series so besides that I'm pretty bored and can't wait to have my hair back already!

Why not get personal and give some insight into Fiona's life behind closed doors you say! Well, I was thinking exactly the same thing!

So for those of you who know me as far as internet blogging goes, here are a few things you  just may not know about me!

1| I'm Nigerian and darn well proud to be! In fact I often blast Gbemisoke (serious Nigerian Gospel CD!)  on Saturday mornings when cleaning! Don't judge!

2| My nigerian name is Oluwamayowa, Mayowa for short, it means God brought me joy. This of course gets all sorts of remixes... Mayo, Mayonnaise... cheers Daniel! P.s. Did I mention I have 12 names! African parents eh!

3| In my first year of uni I developed a serious addiction for wine gums, not the soft ones, the hard Rowntree Fruit Gums. I ate 5 packs in less than 6 hours and let's jut say a Dr's visit was a must! 
Guess i've loved sweets from a young age!

4| When I was young, I saw two girls squirt some Veet Hair Removal cream into another girls hair cream! They threatened me not to say anything... the girl never came back to school! (I hope those girls feel awful on reflection)

5| I'm a language freak... currently learning my fourth language... German, Yoruba, French and now Italian! Ciao!!! 

6| I'm currently taking swimming lessons! Shameful right?! Better now than never I say. I'm so shaken by the thought of drowning. The weird thing is, I don't mind going under water, visit the fish and all that, but the thought of going under without being in control just freaks me out! Had my 3rd lesson and I did the star float! The instructor told me to simply float in the water like a dead person! How in the world is that supposed to help?!

7| I loveeeee food! Yes, it may not show but me and food... we're homies. You do not want to see me on a hungry day... I do not ramp! Got quite a few recipes on here actually!

8| Currently in the process of developing my own product range! LoveYourTresses© . The first product Gingernut Brûlée pre-poo© has just been tested and reviewed by a focus group. It will be coming to a screen near you very soon!

9| I believe in excellence! It's a lifestyle I seek to attain daily. God is the center of my life.

10| I once feared that no-one read/liked the blog! That was until Facebook introduced 'likes'... I guess now I know there's hope!

Avec amour...

edF ❥


  1. mm! them food pictures look so yummy.

    Good luck with the development of your product line, the packaging looks cute.

    1. thank you!!! Yeah i lurvvveee to cook ;)

  2. I love meeting Nigerians for the first time because they think I'm nigerian too upon hearing my name is Shadae. Spelled differently & cut short of the original name, Folasade, but that is exactly where it came from. Yoruba!!!
    Here's a laugh: I work @ my college's alumnae office and once received a call from a woman who attended my school in the 1950's when there was little to no people of color in attendance. She asked me my name and then responded with, "Oh that's unusual." So I told her it was derived from the Yoruba in Nigeria. She goes, "Oh your black!!" I had no idea how to respond to that but laugh. She continued to tell me about how she rallied with the black panthers.
    A similar scenario played out with a man called trying to find information on a former colleague of his. This just plain offended me, especially because it was a week later.
    My name never was referred to as unusual until I moved from NYC to Massachusetts. I miss when people just referred to the singer, Sade.

    & congrats on starting your own product line! I'm sure this venture will be quite successful for you.

    1. OMG! Now that is hilarious!!! Just because of a name wow! Yeah NY are clued up I can imagine... *sigh*

      Thank you, I hope so too :)

  3. Yes!! Facebook likes gives me hope too! LOL! (I don't have as many likes as you do but my "like" base is growing MUCH faster than my GFC "followers" base did!!

    And that food!! Yummy yummy!!


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