Sunday, 5 February 2012

'Take Me Out' Gameshow | Valentine's Day Gift/Wish List 2012

Ok so anyone who likes some good old Saturday night TV must have seen yesterday's episode of 'Take Me Out'! If you didn't well a big shame on you because it was hilarious!!!

This any model dude who previously dated Jodie Marsh just fumbled ridiculously! For someone who was out to find love or a date, he couldn't have made himself look any stupider or more foolish than he did. He subconsciously abused all of the girls and had one of his last two choices turn her light off right at the end, because she couldn't bare the thought of dating him! You'd have had to have watched it to understand! 

Anyway in the spear of the moment I got all 'no he didn't' inside and decided to take it out on an online shopping cart! Fellas see what you make us ladies do, and you wonder why we impulse shop and eat! 

So to soothe your 'Take Me Out' woes... how about this for a valentines gift/wish list ladies!

P.s you don't always have to wait on a guy to treat you... why not pamper yourself too!

1. Jo Malone Red Roses Bath oil
2. Diptyque Baies Black Scented candle
3. ASOS Pyramid Metal Tip Clutch
4. Lush Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb
5. Roses - you can never go wrong!
6. 'Virginia is for lovers' Camera
7. J.Crew Squared enamel-link bracelet
8. J.Crew bubble 18 karat gold plated acetate necklace

Avec amour...

edF ❥

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