Monday, 27 February 2012

From Whipping to Cutting to Colouring | Willow Smith Beach Blonde Cutie

So I saw that miss Willow has done it again, not long after her major Big Chop she's now braving a beach blonde splash! I must say this chick is fearless, I admire her boldness and character and think it's great that she's given the freedom to express herself so freely.

I'm definitely not as brave when it comes to colour and my hair, but I sure will give some highlights, tints, splashes a try if rocking a weave! Wimp right?!

Anyway kudos to her for it! She has definitely rocked it better than some of her celeb counterparts... I wonder what she'll toss up next! Hmm...


Avec amour
edF ❥


  1. I admire her for personal expression, I'm totally for it! But I think she is too young, and her parents let her do too much with her style.

    I was raised old-fashioned. I wasn't really allowed to do anything or make any "real" decisions until I turned eighteen a few months ago. But I love her hair, it's really cute! It definatley fits her personality.

    1. I agree that she's very young... not quite something I would encourage my own daughter to do, nevertheless each to there own right! Yeah its real cute :)


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