Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sleek Fashion Idol Weave

I've been so frustrated with my laptop as of late, editing videos has been a massive task, but thank God for a hard drive! I've been able to transfer the problem files onto another laptop so I should have the part 1 weave 101 video up tonight!

In the mean time I won't keep you in the dark about my weave any longer!

I decided to give hair shop weave another chance to see if there really is a huge difference between this hair, and my previous brazilian hair- in terms of hair manageability, shedding and tangling.

Verdict... There sure is! But that's another days rant.

I'm using Sleek Fashion Idol [blue pack]
3 packs
12' 14' and 18' [they don't do 16']
colour 1b

Has anyone used this hair before? What were/are your thoughts?

Avec amour...

edF ❥


  1. I've used the Fashion Idol in Soft Yaki and one or 2 others from the range. The hair is not bad, I've had less complaint about the hair than I've had for other beauty supply hair. I find that curls last longer as well as if you straighten it. I've gone back to that range for a long time.

    I've got a 10" of that right now, just so my own hair can transition better into the Brazilian because the shortest length there is 14".

    1. Yeah hun I do like it, i just find it sheds more than I can remember my other hair shedding but for the price it is definitely a pocket saver and much more accessible. I know that when freshly brushed it looks gorgeous and glides so thats defo a plus! Loving the blog as always x

  2. The length looks great on you!

  3. Hi, can I just ask whether this is synthetic or not?!

    How do you find/care for synthetic hair?!


  4. Hey anon, this is real. You can find synthetick hair in just about any hair shop that sells real hair. I will definitely do a post on caring for synthetic weaves/wigs. Thanks for the idea!



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