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LYT Birthday Extravaganza Giveaway | DAY 5 - Black & Brown present GLEAU [x3] [CLOSED]

Black & Brown have stolen the spotlight once again and will be sponsoring yet another giveaway!  For those of you who are just as hair crazy as I am and perhaps for the relaxed heads more than anyone else, you may have come across hair guru, blogger and youtubber Nadege from Relaxed Hair Health
Nadege has been on the hair scene for some years now and who can blame her, her hair swoops across her back, is thick, lustrous and forever picture perfect! 

In search for a multipurpose oil infused with natural goodness, great as a sealant and a giver of intense shine and softness, Nadege created Gleau; her very own nourishing oil blend! I have been graced with a bottle myself and am very eager to careess my strands with it! 

Here are some words from Nadege herself:
'As you may already know, there are dozens of plant oils out there to choose from. Each with their own unique qualities. What makes Gleau special is the oils selected to comprise this amazing blend. Each one of the oils selected is said to have "moisturizing' qualities. Some of the oils used even have the ability to penetrate the hair strand, nourishing it from the inside. Another thing I should mention is the blend a pretty varied mix of some truly healthy oils-all in one bottle! Gleau contains moroccan argan oil , camellia seed oil from the orient, two varieties of jojoba oil, wheat germ, meadowfoam seed oil, and more. These are definitely ingredients your hair should be exposed to on a regular basis. It's like food for your hair!'
There are 3 bottles up for grabs so make sure you enter!!!

- Simply leave a comment on this post saying what you believe Gleau can do for you! - 
[please be sure to include your e-mail address in your comment entry so that you can be contacted. If you are not comfortable with this I can contact you if you are an LYT follower on Google Friend Connect]

- Entrants must be at least 18 years old to enter. If not, guardian permission must be given -
- Entrants must be a blog follower of LoveYourTresses on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin -
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To give yourself an extra chance at winning you can also:
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[additional entries count as an extra submission only if you also remember to post the comment on this blog post first and also mention in your entry that you commented on the Black&Brown wall]

Entries are open worldwide!!!

NB: The LYT Birthday Extravaganza period and entries for giveaways will be finished/close on 26/05/12. Winners will then be announced the following Monday 28/05/12 and prizes sent soon after.

Avec amour 
  Fiona ❥


  1. Ahhhh I'm loving all these giveaways Fiona!!!! I'm trying to curb my product junkie ways but I looooooove me some oils! I would love to seal with this. I'm on the hunt for a light oil for summer because coconut oil makes me break out :(. Hopefully multiple oils = multiple goodness!
    Mary Oladejo (Facebook)

  2. I hope that I can get and retain more moisture using this products , my hair is so dry! i also liked and commented on the Black and Brown page under (Ojuolape Junaid)

  3. A big factor in my hair journey is retaining length and I believe with because of the blends of oils it can help increase moisture in my hair,leaving my strands strong and healthy .Thereby, promoting hair growth :)

  4. I've tried tons of other oils that either left my hair to oily or too hard, hopefully Gleau is the one.

    I also commented on Black & Brown's FB page

  5. For whatever reason, my hair needs different oils. I've gone through every oil possible and it seems like my hair just gets tired of them after awhile. Hopefully, multiple oils at once will give my hair the variety it seems to be searching for.

    I also commented on Black & Brown's fb.

  6. I believe this oil will be a great multi-purpose treatment for me: pre-poo, hot oil treatment, keep the scalp moisturised under the weave, sealant, conditioner mix...

  7. Would love to give this a go, anything that help to retain moistures enabling me to get those extra inches would be fabulous.

  8. As a newbie, have learn a lot following LYT I would love to try this oil as a sealant.

    Thank you fiona I am a fan

  9. With all those essential oils jam packed in one bottle , I could imagine how soft and manageable my hair would be ! I would also try this mix as an alternative to olive oil for the 'greenhouse effect' technique , it would probably leave a better scent .

    p.s. posted to Black & Brown on Facebook
    e-mail :

  10. I have been on my hair journey for almost a year now and have always struggled to find the perfect combination of essential oils to help my hair feel soft, healthy, and manageable. Also finding natural hair products is ridiculously hard.

    I liked and posted on the Black & Brown facebook page. :)

  11. Right now I'm doing the big six...a six-month stretch that is. My last relaxer was Feb. 11th so it's getting a little tough. I'm hoping this oil can help soften my new growth and edges. I've also heard that it was a great facial moisturizer so I'd like to try it for that as well.

  12. I believe this oil can nourish my thirsty strands and protect my already brittle ends from further breaking. I have had quite a setback since giving birth and am looking for a product to help nurse my hair back to health.

  13. I've got super dry hair, (probably from all my overstyling!!), but I hope that Gleau can add some much needed moisture back into my barnet!
    I follow this blog on bloglovin, and have also like black and brown on facebook, and written on their wall :)

    emily x

  14. Nadege was one of the main reasons I incorporated ceramides into my hair regimen in the first place, so I believe I would love this oil!

  15. i have never tried oils on my hair - Gleau would be a perfect starter! Radmila,
    I follow on GFC.

    1. Keeping m hair moisturized is really important and I hope that these oils will do a great job for long lasting moisture.

  16. Gleau would encourage me to use more natural products in my regimen, and bring out my hair's natural glow! ^_^ Pre-poo, Kicking up my DC a few notches, sealing, for my twist many uses, so little time!

  17. I also commented on their FB wall...I forgot to mention that

  18. I would love to try this new unique oil blend.

  19. I also commented on their FB wall

  20. This oil would be perfect for helping sealing the moisture in my hair and as Nadege said "Each one of the oils selected is said to have "moisturizing' qualities" so that is definitely a plus.

  21. My hair needs all the help it can get in moisturising department. It is very dry;i can air dry after a wash in less than 10 mins- probably the only advantage :-). So i use a lot of moisturisng lotions and spray and when im done with that there is little room left for oils, especially if im going for a mix of them. This bottle will serve as a one stop cure to the oiling step of my hair regimen and oh how nice life would be!!!

  22. i have fine hair so would be nice to see how it can moisturise, make my strands healthy but not weigh my hair down!


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