Wednesday, 23 May 2012

LYT Birthday Extravaganza Giveaway | DAY 10 - Gidore presents As I Am [CLOSED]

Remember my product spotlight post on As I Am? Well Gidore have hooked LYT up with not a first, nor a second, but a third sponsored Giveaway as part of the LYT Birthday Extravaganza! UK retailer Gidore is known for sourcing highly sought after products which UK hair lovers cannot easily access due to customs and all of the long winded joys of purchasing products from the US. I have yet to try the As I Am range but aspire to in the near future.

For the chance to win this huge 400g tub of the As I Am Cleansing Pudding [which is even bigger than the tubs on the Gidore website!!!], here is how to enter...

- Simply leave a comment on this post saying how your hair makes you feel on a good day! - 
[please be sure to include your e-mail address in your comment entry so that you can be contacted. If you are not comfortable with this I can contact you if you are an LYT follower on Google Friend Connect]

- Entrants must be at least 18 years old to enter. If not, guardian permission must be given -
- Entrants must be a blog follower of LoveYourTresses on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin -
[links can also be found on the right hand side bar]

To give yourself an extra chance at winning you can also:
- 'LIKE' Gidore on Facebook and post on their wall saying 'I would love to win the the LYT As I Am giveaway sponsored by Gidore' -
[additional entries count as an extra submission only if you also remember to post the comment on this blog post first and also mention in your entry that you commented on the Gidore wall]

Entries are open worldwide!!!

NB: The LYT Birthday Extravaganza period and entries for giveaways will finish/close on 26/05/12. Winners will then be announced the following Monday 28/05/12 and prizes sent soon after.

Avec amour... 
Fiona ❥


  1. On a good hair day hair makes me feel amazing , I almost become vain and cant stop looking at it. I get constant hand in hair syndrome lool

  2. ooo lalala My hair makes me feel like a Queen, I love my natural crown of curls.

    I also commented on Gidore on Facebook

  3. On a good day my hair makes me feel very confident in myself, it gives me a sort of power lol.

  4. On a good hair day, I feel fierce and I am ready to conquer the world, nothing better than the wind blowing the au natural hair.
    GFC follower and liked and commented on Gidore Hair via Awa

  5. On a good day my hair makes me feel confident :) I'll be shaking my hair in the wind going yup yup im going natural peeps and it looks and feels gooooood :)
    Mary Oladejo on Facebook

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  7. On a good day my hair makes me feel polished...nothing like an elegant up-do to grace the streets of London

  8. A good hair day makes me feel gorgeous and filled with exuberant energy!!! I always feel like 'I'm walking on sunshine'!! :)

  9. On a good day my hair makes me feel like an EMPOWERED, AFRICAN, AMAZON, WARRIOR, QUEEN!

  10. On a good day? You mean EVERYDAY?!?!? I LOVE MY HAIR!!! It makes me feel unique, sexy, beautiful, and gorgeous as though I'm the hottest thing on these streets (is that a bit too much? lol) UGH, my hair is something wonderful ;)

    P.S. I also wrote on Gidore's wall...

  11. A good hair day means that I am in an AMAZING mood, exuding confidence like no other. It means being able to handle the negative comments and rude stares with an extra dose of patience too.

    I also commented on Gidore's fb wall.

  12. On a good day my hair makes me feel proud to be me. Every coil, kink and wave is unique to me and don't get me started on versality, any style is possible. I just have to find the time to practice and master them

    I follow via bloglovin and have liked the gidore fb page.

  13. Every day is a good day and when I've tamed my hair to the desired look the day get's even better , it's almost like winning a war and you can't help but stick your chest out , lift your head high , side lean and strut what you've got !! I <3 happy hair days =D

  14. How my hair makes me feel on a good day?? Hmmm, AMAZING!! Like i could have on something crappy lol,,,but because my hair is being totally awesome that day,,,i could care less.

  15. On a good day my hair makes me feel buff, bouncy and beautiful

  16. on a good day my hair makes me feel like I can do anything what so ever no matter how crazy it seems

  17. On a good day my hair makes me feel proud to be who i am.

  18. on a good day, my hair makes me feel in control and together!

  19. On a good sunny day, my hair makes me feel like I can go out & conquer the world, it's not just the thrill of being natural but loving the journey & all the new things I've discovered about my hair :-). btw my fb name is Anthea Roach as I've commented on a few pages as well.


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