Sunday, 20 May 2012

LYT Birthday Extravaganza Giveaway | DAY 8 - Original Moxie Giveaway [CLOSED]

There's no surprise that your girl has a soft spot for Original Moxie, especially considering the fact that I am reviewing some products form the range and to top it off just yesterday I achieved a pretty fab twist out using only Original Moxie products! [Side-note: This is a big deal for an ex-twist out hater like myself!]

 Here's a sneak peek below just before I commenced with styling!

So far I've been enjoying the LYT Original Moxie Challenge, the products are very unique and I love the fact that each product is tailor made to specific hair needs and curl types, it really is original!

To celebrate my thus far success with OM products I figured I'd delve into my own pockets and invest back into Original Moxie; by hosting my very own giveaway!

One lucky winner can get their hands on two full sized Original Moxie Products of their choice. Entry is a walk in the park folks so don't be shy! Get entering already!!!

- Simply leave a comment on this post saying what you would like to see on LYT in the future and how to improve the blog! - 
[please be sure to include your e-mail address in your comment entry so that you can be contacted. If you are not comfortable with this I can contact you if you are an LYT follower on Google Friend Connect]

- Entrants must be at least 18 years old to enter. If not, guardian permission must be given -
- Entrants must be a blog follower of LoveYourTresses on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin -
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To give yourself an extra chance at winning you can also:
- 'LIKE' LoveYourTresses on Facebook and post on the wall saying 'I would love to win the LoveYourTresses Original Moxie Giveaway' -

[additional entries count as an extra submission only if you also remember to post the comment on this blog post first and also mention in your entry that you commented on the LYT wall]

Entries are open worldwide!!!

NB: The LYT Birthday Extravaganza period and entries for giveaways will be finished/close on 26/05/12. Winners will then be announced the following Monday 28/05/12 and prizes sent soon after.

Avec amour 
  Fiona ❥


  1. I think your blog is already AMAZING this is tricky ;)! I would love for you to organise a forum for people to discuss and share hair knowledge or a meet up for hair lovers to discuss their hair journey setbacks and tips to overcome them. More step by step hair videos.

    I have also posted on LYT Facebook wall.

    Esther xoxox

  2. I love your blog! I'd love to see some more videos, I think they make it so personal!I've liked and written on the fb wall, and follow your blog on bloglovin' :)

    Emily x

  3. Your site is already such an inspiration and a source of great ideas. I found your 30 hairstyles in 30 days feature super interesting -- and I tried 2 of the styles you highlighted in the video. So I'd love to see:
    - More videos where you try styles -- like that gorgeous twist out!
    - Product reviews
    - Feature on what to expect when transitioning -- the highs and lows
    - Advice on cutting and colouring hair (I'd love to see this since I'm super afraid to dye my hair, but would love to add some highlights)
    - A Forum!
    - A feature where follwers/readers highlight "What I did with my hair this week" to show off super cute styles from around the world and results from their regimens

    Keep up the awesome blogging, it's really helping us all Love Our Tresses!

  4. I would love to see more features,product reviews and more of your journey :) I think ur hair is just lush and I love ur blog.Also i wonder if u could also have like a show and tell day- i got this idea from curly nikki's sites!. I think it is a brillant idea.The main of the show and tell would be for ur followers on blogger and youtube to basically show and tell lool there different styles during the week :)

  5. This blog is amazing & has really helped my HHJ. My only critism is that your directory is difficult to follow. Is there a way of arranging blogs in alphabetical order to make searching for old posts easier.

  6. This is a little difficult to answer because your blog is already absolutely amazing! I think it may be a good idea to have a section on your site where you can interact directly with other naturalistas and people can post pictures and questions that could be answered by you or others. I have also posted on LYT Facebook wall and thank you so much for this giveaway!


  7. Lol at the comment above! I would love to see more tutorials, I absolutely love your creative hairstyles!
    My email is

    I have liked and commented on LYT's fb wall

  8. My facebook name is Lima Peru

  9. Would like to see more of a "transitioner's diary"? Would be nice to see that you're not in it alone, lol! And how you were able to overcome the pet peeves that may have come with transitioning hair!

    I have also posted on the LYT wall on FB :)

  10. I think you blog is very interesting but I would like to see you do a blog on the biotin pill. The pill suppose to make your hair and nails grown and skin. I would like to see if the pill really works and your advice.

    I have also posted on LYT Facebook wall. Please contact me at

  11. I would like to see more features from other naturalistas. I love learning and reading other women's stories. I love the blog already!!

  12. I also commented on the LYT wall

  13. The only way this blog could be any better would be if you posted more challenges, even if you aren't participating. The only 2 I know of right now is the castor oil challenge and the original moxie challenge. It'd just be fun to see what options we have as far as that.

    I also commented on LYT's fb wall.

  14. excellent hair related blog! I'm going to share with my friends right now!

  15. Because I'm so nosy, I would love to see more wash day posts, or maybe posts on how you use certain products in your regime.

    Shereen x

  16. Love your blog, it would be great to have some step by step celeb inspired hairstyles and day to evening looks for ladies on the go.

    Mary xx

  17. I would first like to say that I love your blog and how you're running it. I guess I would like to see more styling options and videos.

  18. what you should improve on the blog is more tutorials on your hair and product reviews


  20. Hey

    It'd be really nice to see some different style ideas.I'm struggling a bit in my transition because even with twist outs my natural hair seems to twist a lot differently to the relaxed ends :s
    Mary Oladejo on facebook

  21. I would love to see more street curlies and various hairstlyes. Dee x

    I left a comment on FB wall.

  22. I'm new to your blog, but I think it's pretty awesome already. I would like to see more transitioning hairstyles though. It can be difficult to come up with styles on your own so having inspiration from someone else really helps.

  23. Hi, I've just recently done the big chop so I'm really enjoying your blog. I would like to see some video tutorials. I've left a comment on your facebook wall. Thank you x

  24. I would love to see videos on hairstyles, tips, etc. My email address is Thank you!

  25. I would love to see more features/interviews from your followers.

  26. I would like to see more videos. seeing something in writing and actually seeing that individual do it are two different things. For example, your hair in twists, seeing your procedure in writing and actually seeing how u do it with my eyes can make a complete difference. Another example, people say to wash your hair in sections to reduce shedding. I have tried all sorts of methods but my hair always becomes undone and then get tangles. So I think more videos would b great.

  27. Forgot email address

  28. I like what your blog is about already but what would be good would be like a "natural hair in society" segement Cos alot of us (not all) have this perceived conception of what other races feel about our natural hair but it would be nice if you could incorporate other races in like a discussion about natural hair what they feel about it and educate them at the same time. Commented on your facebook as (Rahma Sesay)


  29. I would love to see more how to style videos.

  30. I also liked your FB page

    1. Hmm this is hard but i think as you get further along in your transition I would like to read more about how you are handling the two textures.

  31. more videos,especially for styling short hair and how to maintain it after the big cop.

  32. this blog is actually one of my favs your doing a good job hmmm I'd like to see a section about peoples reactions to natural hair "the natural hair stare" & comments.

  33. I also liked and posted on your fb wall
    Imani BeautifullyPissed Monroe

  34. Girl your blog cuts it for me already but I see so much more POTENTIAL! Id love to see you hit it up with some DIY posts, recipes and getting your mixtress ON. Some more curly hair do's, just dont be scared to show everything even if a hairstyle fails for example, just be yourself and be transparent with us, thats what I LOVE about blogs :) Lots of love girl. Chelle. My e-mail is Thank you

  35. I already like you on facebook which says alot about the state of your blog. LOL. I would love to see more reader interaction and features on readers who have embarked on similar journeys and goals that you have set for yourself.

  36. I posted on your wall


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