Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wednesday's pictures... Birthdays & Glamazons!

With exam period in full swing I spend most of my days head down and in books, I eat, sleep and breathe German and as you can imagine it does get a tad bit tiring!  Well yesterday I had no choice but to let my hair down and indulge in my housemates evening birthday celebration. I haven't had time to do a Wednesdays words post so hopefully Wednesdays pictures will suffice!

The evening began with dinner in a fantastic Thai restaurant with impeccable interior design, followed by a ladies only sleepover, which consisted of relationship talk, dancing and sweet vanilla cupcakes! 

Honestly this had to be the best de-stress activity I've done this month! Sometimes a girls just gotta have fun right?!!!

Pre-dinner photo's! 6 weeks no heat, my hair loves transitioning!
Prawns, beef, chicken! What in the world to eat?!
My smoking platter - those prawns were to die for!
Me and the beautiful Birthday Queen
Photo fun <3
Avec amour...
Fiona ❥


  1. awwh so precious..your hair looks fabb..
    how have u been dealing with the two textures..have u experienced any breakage?!

    1. Thank you :) So far It's been fine, I've been airdrying for 6 weeks so moisturising and sealing twice a day everyday has been a must! Other than that I noticed some single strand knots a few days ago so have decided to airdry to 90% and then detangle and stretch my ponytail to avoid and tangling :)

  2. Nice! Your top knot is perfect!

  3. You guys look like you had loads of fun. Happy belated birthday. Please tell your friend I LOVE her milkmaid braid


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