Wednesday, 24 November 2010

New Goals: Castor Oil Challenge

I contemplated setting new hair goals in the new year, but i figured a date shouldn't determine or should i say defer progress from starting now right?

I went home for my 21st birthday earlier this month, and my big sis commented on the health of my hair and how it looked thicker...yadi da di da...BUT she did say it still looked thin... I was thinking... err mate are you wearing your contact lenses? But... i knew she was right...and as much as I hated to admit it I knew i still had major errands to run on getting thicker hair.

So here's a thought...everyone gives castor oil the big go ahead when it comes to hair growth and how about a CASTOR OIL CHALLENGE?!!!

I usually nourish my scalp with oils twice a week after washing but not so much with castor oil because it gave me the itches and was very thick. According to research the itches are a result of your root follicles experiencing extreme stimulation! God knows how true that is, but if so many people have seen results I think its worth me pushing it. Plus when i say itches i mean the odd scratch here and there...nothing that would make me look like i was going cold turkey.

But yeah... i've also decided to add a few drops of tea tree oil for its anti-inflammatory properties and follicle stimulation properties.

However... it's not just the castor oil that will promote thick/healthy etc hair...its how you work with it. So as extra as this may seem... I will officially up until

MARCH 31st 2011

be oiling my scalp with this mix 3 times a week, and each time i will unfailingly massage my scalp briefly after using the oils.

Scalp massaging is so vital because it stimulates blood flow to your scalp which promotes healthy follicle growth.

Feel free to join me on this journey...I'm sure we'll have days we just cant be asked but trust me with effort, results can be seen!

Here is the link for the mix :)

Goals for 2nd year hair journey:  
Reach bra strap length fully
Thicker hair
Barely use direct heat

Q. Does anyone use GHD's to straighten their hair... I'm thinking of putting mine to the side and investing in straighteners with a heat thermostat that I can GHD's are way too hot...hmmm

...sweet dreams 

x edF x


  1. Castor oil is really good for thickness. Lovin' the blog!!!!!
    P.S. ghd's finished the back of my hair a while ago, (absolute shambles)I was traumatised. Straighteners with thermostats are the best.

  2. Lisa thank u! Yeah i guess its time t move on...i'll keep them though for the sake of hoarding! Ive seen some that are nice and inexpensive...£30 here i come!

  3. do you reccommend any particular castor oil brand? and can i add coconut oil to the mix or will that be too much oil?

  4. Hi Toun! I personally love the Jamaican Black Castor oil brand. You can definitely add coconut oil! Coconut oil works wonders on our hair! Are you UK based?


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