Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Breakage Woes

Like any other person I often find myself removing my hair from the sink. In fact my hair and drains were a big issue last year in uni, and trust me unblocking was traumatic (never again!)

The biggest issue i guess comes when determining whether or not you are shedding or breaking.
Shedding can be determined most often when you see white bulbs on the end of your hair strands whereas breakage is a simple broken strand.

Shedding is a natural part of our hair cycle however breakage can be caused even when we think we are doing so well with hair care.

Causes of breakage:

1. Too much moisture- If moisture is in excess, this means that your hair will drift towards mushy, elasticated hair. This is usually because the imblance and lack of enough protein means that protein bonds are unable to keep their structure, therefore leaving you with flimsy, floppy tresses

S.O.S- Do a protein deep condition and also apply a protein treatment such as Aphogee 2 min reconstructor. Then add necessary moisture when styling.

2. Lack of moisture- Hair that lacks moisture is waiting to break! Our ends are especially susceptible to dryness because they are the oldest parts of our hair and usually left out and exposed.

S.O.S- Deep condition at least once a week (if you wash less, just DC on your wash day) with heat is better to enable good absorption. Also ensure that you moisturize and seal your strands on a daily basis, in order to keep them well moisturized.

3. Chemicals- chemical treatments though we love them, weaken our hair fibers thus causing them to break more easily.

S.O.S- Use a reconstructing treatment after using chemicals in your hair e.g Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor. Also remember to Deep condition. A duo moisturizing and protein based Deep conditioner is always great. E.g ORS Replenishing Pak

4. Protein overload- Brittle and stiff hair is what you will have when there's way too much protein up in your tresses. I see this as the stiff back that needs a massage!

S.O.S- Always wash protein treatments out throughly, any residue will result in stiff hair. Plus up your deep conditions and instead of protein based deep conditioners stick to moisture based DC's. 

Finally a favourite!

5. Split ends- Like it or not split ends can result in breakage and what's more can shorten the ends of your hair. Quite simply the longer you hold off from trimming the more susceptible you are to experiencing your split ends travelling upwards and then breaking off, leaving you with thinner und uneven ends.

S.O.S- Trim your ends. It doesn't have to be every month, I trim every three months. Your ends will look healthier that way!

x edF


  1. Who is this lady in the picture above? Shes is a stunner and so are you! Have a great day :)

  2. Thank you...u too :) Good question. I"ll ask twitter and tumblr..hopefully someone knows! x


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