Thursday, 18 November 2010

Length Retention

Now that I've reached my hair length goal which was APL (ArmPitLength). Phase 2 is to get my hair even healthier but also to RETAIN me some more LENGTH!

When researching one of the most common issues with hair growers, it is.... retaining length. Err...but that sounds easy right! If anything don't cut your hair! I wish! Trust me split ends n knots beg it with your life when your hair is growing, especially if your still having a major crush with your hot comb or straighteners.

Three major steps that I have taken over the past year in order to retain length are:

1) Bun Baggy-ing:- moisturize the ends of your hair, then put your hair in a bun, then wear a small freezer bag over your bun. a.k.a baggy your bun. You can also baggy your whole head with a light shower cap. Personally i baggy during the day and not overnight when i sleep because i don't want frizzy ends caused but all of the heat generated whilst sleeping.


2) Buns- When you leave your hair down 24/7 you expose it and therefore are likely to have drier which as a result = brittle ( muhaha i'm gonna break) ends. I constantly wear my hair in a bun, in fact in the last 6 months my colleagues at work have seen my hair down 2wice! N before u think it, buns do NOT mean boring! U can work with your fringe and partings and look hella hella fly!


3) Trimming- I won't lie at the beginning of my hair journey split ends looked normal to me, I couldn't dream of my hair getTing any shorter. However a few youtube videos later, which taught me the art of D.I.Y and no longer have to face to mean aunties in the hairdressers- CHOP CHOP CHOP, I decided it really wasn't all that bad. In fact i kinda got scissor happy...every split end HAD to go!
Moral of the story...split ends ride up your hair shaft which means they can potentially make your hair shorter! So... let go !


x edF x


  1. hey, Fiona. love ur blog. been ff. for some time now. u have me convinced I can grow my hair. truly inspired. Do u have any suggestions for detangling? what detangler wowed u with it's performance? sry if i missed that post if u've mentioned this before. also, moved to a new place with very hard water. any tips?

  2. hey :) thank so glad u like it :) Ive posted on detangling and will get back to you 2moro with some hard water info x take care

  3. Found a quick post i have about dealing with hard water x

  4. Hiiii, I absolutely love your blog and all that it stands for. We are all on a healthy hair journey for relaxed hair and it is sooo refreshing to soo another relaxed sista after the same as me. Keep it up!! Great Work!

  5. thank you so much sally... loving your page x we can do it! x


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