Tuesday, 9 November 2010

D.I.Y: The diary of a Mixtress

I've officially started mixing oils! After waiting for so long for my delivery it finally came and trust me i've been busy! For oils that will last me about a year I have to say 'not expensive'. So far I've mixed all sorts, and for me the highlight is that everything is natural. The next stage is too figure out scents because this stuff makes my apartment smell like an oriental spa (which i love- but sometimes find overwhelming). I"ll let you know how that goes... synthetic fragrance is something i definitely don't want to use, so the search for natural scents continues!

Here's the site I bought everything from!

Carrier and Essential oils

Peace 'n' Love...

x edF x


  1. i just started reading ur blog today and i must say its really good, and i find the info quite helpful

  2. thank you im glad you like it :)


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