Monday, 22 November 2010

The Joys of Detangling

I received a message about detangling so i thought i'd give a low down on all i know about this wonderful phenomenon..

When do you detangle?
I always always and almost only detangle in the shower..and only after deep conditioning, when i'm rinsing my DC out. 

The only exception i can think of, but haven't come across in a while is perhaps after some sort of funky hairstyle- when i need to get my hair back to its initial state. In this case I very carefully detangle with a wide tooth comb and detangling spray. I guess the latter would definitely apply to weave/braid wearers. Its so important to detangle carefully after taking braids or a weave out because this is when our hair is most fragile.

What do you use to detangle?
Always always a wide tooth comb- this is for both detangling in the shower and if i ever need to detangle on dry hair.

In special cases when my hair somehow finds itself knotted, twisted etc... i use both my wide tooth comb and 'Mane n Tail' hair detangler (gotta rate the big sis for finding this!...P.S- can be bought at almost any afro Caribbean or asian hair shop).

Any techniques used when detangling?
Though its not always easy to remember, its much better to detangle bottom up. This way you end up not dragging so much hair from your roots. Instead, working your way up frees your hair strands and helps prevent excess breakage. 

For braid and weave wearers the bottom up technique may prove a bit painful, especially because your scalp feels so hold onto your roots whilst you do this...a lil bit of support goes a long way :)

x edF x

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