Monday, 22 November 2010

Fashion and Beauty: My favourite skin scrub

source: FuckYeahCurlsCurls
This is without a doubt my favourite face scrub recipe. My skin feels so soft and supple after using the mix and what's more its made of 100% natural products, and is crazy simple too!
I've never been one to have baby bum skin, BUT i've never been an acne queen either! (Brush my shoulders off!).
I know for sure that my skin looks much healthy ever since i've started to use healthier skincare join me if you will!

Muscovado sugar

Ingredient benefits:
Muscovado sugar- sugar is a natural humectant and is abrasive enough to remove old skin cells without being harmful. The sugar grains act as great exfoliants and thus also prepare your skin for optimum results when applying your moisturizer.

Honey- Its natural antioxidant properties help to protect the skin from harmful sun rays and other harmful environmental factors. Honey has been related with minor acne treatment.

1- Apply wet warm face towel to face in order to begin opening pores and add moisture to skin
2- Apply the sugar and honey mix unto your skin and rub in circular motion slowly and softly.
3- Use warm face towel to remove the scrub from your skin
4- Moisturize accordingly and feel that smoothness! Yummy!!!

x edF x

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