Saturday, 13 November 2010

1 Year Hair Journey

Good morning!!!!

Happy birthday to me!!! Twinny, Carol and Pippa!

I really do thank God for my life and everything He has given me, though I don't deserve it. Thank you so much for all the Facebook and Twitter messages and phone calls. Its made my day :)  To celebrate I've finally got my first video blog a.k.a Vlog time!!!


x edF x

P.S: Finally reached ArmPitLength


  1. haha wooowww Fi, well done!! definately inspirational xx

  2. Absolutely amazing Fiona, you should be so so so proud, Your hair is looking gorgeous and you as always! Inspirational beyond words x x Love Chloe x x

  3. ...
    aww Chlo chlo...its been too long :) thank u so is your hair?

  4. I know Fi!! too too long! And your so very welcome!!

    Its going good ty! lol, its funny i just came on to your site as I'm just oiling it now with coconut oil...and only switched to it from olive oil from reading your extremely informative blogs! (Still have olive oil as an oil i can use daily with ma carrot oil too!)

    I must admit i hate combing it though because i hate seeing my hair anywhere but on my head lol. But its been good, havent straightened it since i last washed it soo a good 20 days now and with all the teaching and rainy weather, I've never loved buns so much!!

    Hows your lovely hair going?


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