Monday, 10 January 2011

2011 Hair Regimen

As its a new year ive reviewed my regimen, and tweeked it here and there, obviously because with time you learn which products your hair really loves. So here's my new Regimen.

Tweeks are in red text...

p.s anyone who started their hair journey based on the old regimen, keep at it if its easier for you... that regimen produced results so i can stand by it... this one is new so i'm also discovering new things :)

Hair Care Regime 

(Updated 26/05/10)
Updated 09/01/2011

Week 1
-Pre poo with mix of oils and a moisturizing conditioner (overnight/ under shower cap 15/20 mins before wash)
-Shampoo roots and scalp
-Quick protein treatment
-DC with moisturizing conditioner and oils ( hood dryer 20 mins low heat/ thick shower cap 45 mins and then rinse
-Detangle using wide tooth comb when rinsing DC out 
- Apply leave in conditioner
For Airdry (98% of the time)
: apply moisturizing cream and dime size amount of oil 98% of the time

For Rollerset: (Soon after relaxer when hair isn't so due) 
apply heat protectant, dime size amount of serum and pea size amount of wrap lotion to each roller section.

-For Blowdry:
(when hair is very due on cool air)
 Apply heat protectant

-Once dry/styled, Moisturize and Seal, feed scalp
-Low ponytail or wrap hair with satin/silk scarf to bed.

Week 2
-Same as above but wash with conditioner

and DC with Ayurvedic Treatment

Week 3
Same as week 1

Week 4
Same as week 2 but Deep condition with protein based DC.

-M 'n' S twice a day
-Use Castor oil challenge mix @ least 2wice a week
-Airdry 98% of the time
-Experiment with different protective styles
-Always wear satin/silk scarf to bed
-Direct heat only for special occasions
-Baggy hair twice a week for an hour

*Pre poo- any moisturizing conditioner e.g 'Hello Hydration-Herbal Essences VO5 Moisture milks and mix of coconut, grapeseed and almond oil *
*Co wash- 'VO5 Moisture milks' or 'Tres Semme Salon silk'( i use this more because of the fact that i already pre poo with VO5 *
*Shampoo-Creme of Nature detangling shampoo (orange bottle) *
*Quick protein treatment- Aphogee 2 min reconstructor
*Deep conditioner-
                              moisturizing: Queen Helene cholesterol
                              protein: Hair Mayo or ORS Replenishing PAK
*Leave in- At One Botanicals
*Heat protectant- Elasta QP Silk Design 
*Moisturizer: S Curl No Drip, Herbal essences 'Beautiful Ends'
*Sealant- Coconut oil and/or Vatika oil (whichever tickles my fancy!)
*Scalp feed- Castor oil challenge mix 
*Serum: Pantene pro v
*Relaxer: ORS Olive oil regular

*means- and a few drops of essential oils e.g tea tree oil


  1. Hi. Just a quick question. If you are wearing weave as a protective style for a year without perming , how do you protect your hair from breakage due to the different textures? Also, is it a good idea to perm your hair after six months to help stop breakage?

    1. Hi Anon, to stop breakage I reduce heat usage. Work with two textures is definitely challenging but I only leave a little leave out hair so it works fine for me. Perming hair after 6 months may work for someone who is not transitioning because transitioning involves no relaxer x


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