Thursday, 20 January 2011

Diary of a Tress Lover: Tokunbo

Nov 2009 I wasn't the only one that started my hair journey... my sister and girl Toks jumped on the band wagon too and we've kept at it hard for just over a year.

Now growing up my girl Toxs already had long 'n' full hair, but here 'n' there we both grew up, mum found better things to do than our hair, and voila we begin getting friendly with heat and our hair simply needed help. Ya dig!!!

Through her journey T rocked braids quite a lot because her hair loves them... now a year later she embarked on a Jamaican Black Castor Oil challenge.

Jamaican Black Castor oil is very popular brand in the U.S that has shown results all over the gaff... i've yet to purchase a bottle but once my 250ml bottle is done (God knows when that'll be!) I'll order that sometime too!

So...back to the point. Here's a pic of her progress :)

x edF


  1. where did she get her jbco from?

  2. Hey Sheila...i think she got it from America...but if ur based in the UK ive just found somewhere u can purchase it... here's the site



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