Monday, 10 January 2011

2011 'Welcome to my year'

Well hello and 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'.... its feels good to be back...with new goals...stories..memories of the year before and those of an anticipated year ahead.

As some of you know I went to the motherland for Christmas.... and that was an extremely different hair experience entirely! Went to the airport, hair straightened...slick as...! N then Ka-Boom 11 pm in Lagos and i'm a victim.... of puffiness! The humidity hit my hair instantly, which really was disturbing. I spent the whole holiday deciding to weave or not to weave... i put in clip in tracks...took them out... put them in...then took them out again! I really was weak with the situation ( it didn't influence my mood though).

Lets just say I went for the straighteners 2wice...

Eitherway it wasn't so bad... in fact I learned that I need to be so much more creative with my hair, and know how to handle it a bit better.

So back now...very excited. Set my goals for 2011... and one was to be more consistent with blogging and to be more creative with my hair.

P.s im not quite sure when ill relax yet... i may stretch just a bit over 12 weeks... im not feeling to relax anytime soon...and i'm proud to say i've been keeping up with the Castor oil challenge...HAVE U?

'2011' Hair Love...
just a few things i'm focusing on maintaining this year

Pre-pooing/ Pre-shampooing: Pre-pooing before washing  helps provides hair with extra hydration, which helps hair to retain more moisture even after shampooing.

Detangle wet hair:  This is vital! It reduces hair loss and helps with length retention. Always detangle with a wide tooth comb.

Deep Conditioning:  Deep conditioning hair with every wash prevents breakage, it also helps with elasticity problems, improves hair softness. You can DC with heat ( under a bonnet dryer) /without heat (under a shower cap, whereby your body generates its own heat).

Moisturizing your hair:  Daily moisture = happy hair. You'll only know this once you start to moisturize your hair consistently which will definitely bring results. Dry, brittle strands are mainly if not always a result of dehydrated hair.

Sealing: in order to promote moisture retention, oil is key. Using a few drops of oil all over your hair helps to lock in the moisture previously applied. 

Sleep with a satin/silk scarf or on a silk/satin pillowcase: Many fabrics besides satin and silk can be very harsh on our hair. Movement during sleep results in hair and pillow friction. This promotes slit ends and hair breakage, due to the harsh fabric consistency.

x edF

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