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Thicken that hair

source: blackisthecolor- tumblr
A friend sent a message addressing a very common issue... gorgeous healthy 'looking' hair but fine, thin and in need of thickness. This is very common with relaxed hair. We  relaxer results and tend to straighten our hair in order to hush down the good ol' re-growth, not really realising how much damage it does. Hmm...

There are a million and one growth aids promising to make your hair all great and thick but attached to may are big boy $$$ signs. Before even considering products you have to work first with your hair alone.

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1) How often do you relax your hair? Yes the relaxer box may say 6-8 weeks. o you stick to the easy 6 or wait till 8? Whats more have u stretched your relaxer a week or 2 longer? Maybe your hair doesnt need the retouch as often as you think.

2) Straightening your hair plays a major role in how thick your hair is. Heat damage makes our hair more susceptible to breakage which means if my strands break off usuakly midway, you"ll definitely have thinner hair and/or even split ends. When your ends split and work up your hair shaft, that strand of hair becomes thinner... Its like a science subject at school right!

3) Maybe you just have thin hair! If you've always had thin hair, then its best to take on board healthy hair care but not feel so down about your hair situation. Healthy hair doesnt have to be mega thick.

How to solve hair damage woes

1) Stretch no less than 8 weeks.
2) Give airdrying a try (see other posts on airdrying), that way your hair experiences no heat damage.
3) If airdrying doesn't work for you try a rollerset, indirect damage is better than direct damage.

Old pic - I rollerset with hairbands so that my hair would lay flat. Now i do it without bands because i prefer the thick look.

4) If you can work with the texture of your hair after blow drying, do that instead of straightening.
5) Deep condition whenever you wash ( if washing once or twice a week), this supports healthy and stronger strands that can deal with damage much better.
6) Detangle in the shower. This way you don't drag too much hair as compared to detangling wet hair out of the shower.
7) Finally if you must straighten your hair please use heat protectant and straighten the section of hair once or twice max.

Finally natural hair thickening products


I only list this, because this is what i know and can definitely swear by! During my one year hair journey i used this consistently and my hair definitely became thicker. Apply this 2wice weekly and massage your scalp afterwards.

Also join the castor oil challenge... hopefully like me you'll get results.


  1. Hi! I just found your blog and have been reading through this post with much pleasure...what caught my attention was where you stated you've used castor oil consistently and noticed thickening. My question is what exactly does consistently mean for you? was that everyday? or every other day? or ...? please let me know because I have heard testimonies about it but am yet to try it and want to incorporate it into my regimen correctly...thanks!

  2. Hi love!

    Im so happy you like it :)

    I use the oil every 2-3 days, just so that i avoid product build up :)

    Jamaican castor oil is great by the way!


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