Thursday, 13 January 2011

3 hours 14 minutes later...

I just had to post these hands hurt but i've achieved some teen weeny braids!!!! Whoop whoop! The plan was to wait till the weekend but as soon as I got in from hands got twisting...oh my bad i guess that makes them teeny weeny twists...hmm same thing.

It's taken me a good 20 minutes to even try and get used to them... hopefully i start to like them! The last time i had braids/twists was 2.5 years ago! They make me feel extra young....hmm. p.s they are extra neat although the camera didn't feel like showing that!!!

Anyway i guess time will tell what happens to them! How long i keep i wash with them in...

It'll be interesting!

Sweet dreams...

 just 2 show u how thin the twists are...

x edF

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