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Series: Shampoo Then What? Airdry

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One of my biggest struggles at the beginning of my hair journey was what to do with my hair after washing. Would i Blowdry? Airdry? Rollerset? Blowdry and straighten? Airdry and straighten, do a Braidout? Twist-out? Pin-Curl? Do a Bantu-knot out? It was a headache trying to figure out which to do. 

I figured you might also find it quite frustrating, especially if your really trying a new hopefully this series will help! I'll be doing adding to the series every so often with pictures of how i do each technique.

Just fyi here's my personal manipulation list. 1 being the least manipulative after shampoo procedure and 9 being the most manipulative ( it does also depend on how u handle your hair).

1. Airdry
(2-5 are very similar and so the boundary between each is extremely thin)
2. Pin curl
3. Bantu knot out
4. Twist out
5. Braid out
6. Rollerset
7. Blowdry (on cool air or very low heat)
8. Air dry then straighten
9. Blowdry then straighten

Series: Shampoo Then What....AIRDRY!!!

To achieve this look...

Pics from top left to right, 2nd row also left to right.

1. Section hair and then use dime size amount of leave in conditioner
2. Apply leave in from top to bottom of sectioned hair
3. Use dime size amount of coconut oil
4. Work coconut oil through hair
5. Use soft bristle brush to smoothen out edges and top of hair
1 and 2. Results after using soft bristle brush
3. Create parting in desired place
4. Use wide tooth comb to comb into desired style. Then secure loosely with hair band and use soft bristle brush to smoothen out hair.
5. Use head scarf to flatten hair thus reducing puffiness. Leave ponytail out for faster drying.
6. Hair results. Ponytail changed into bun.

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  1. Very pretty! This posting was timely, I'm about to go wash my hair:)

  2. Ooo i'm glad...have fun... let us know how it goes :)

  3. I'm just not sure I've got enough patience to do anything but blow dry and straighten. The thought of air drying scares me a little... never ever done it... what it my hair falls out or get super dry? Won't it be harder to straighten if I air dry it? And how do you do numbers 2-6? (bantu- knot etc..)please

  4. I felt exactly the same way about airdrying and would say its easier to do when your hair is not too due. Your hair wont fall out if you detangle properly :) and wont be too dry if you add enough moisture to it before airdrying aka leave in and a little bit of moisturiser. I would not recommend straightening airdried hair unless it is very soft and not too due. Otherwise if knotty you can end up really damaging your hair. I'll be adding to the series so look out for that xxx


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