Thursday, 30 June 2011

Diary of a tress lover : Kara Zeytin | Justherz

For those of you who have browsed the blog, you may have come across my blog love tab at the top of the page. One of the hair blogs i happily stalk means a lot much to me because i've developed a great friendship with the blogger herself! I won't go on, but i'm sure you've seen previous posts and pictures of this fantastic woman... Justherz/ Kara Zeytin. 

We met on Hairlista and have been in contact ever since. Kara recently big chopped and i was shocked, amazed, inspired... i had a million and one questions to ask her, which she was more than happy to answer!

...So i introduce my very own hair inspiration and i'm sure one for those who are relaxed, transitioning and natural... Kara Zeytin/ Justherz...

1) How long have u been on our HHJ? 
I've been on my hair journey since May 2009

2) What is the key to your hair length retention?
The key for me was Moisturising and Sealing my ends daily. Sometimes twice a day. Damp bunning or Baggying my ends, protective styles and trimming. It's all about the ends. If they're healthy you get length and results.

3) What do you do to have healthy hair?
What i do is simply create a regimen and stick to it! I also stretch my relaxers and focus on finding the right products and techniques e.g wrapping the hair for a sleek look or doing braid outs or bantu knots for curls. Also if i flat iron i just lower the heat and stick to one heat pass only, also i have a healthy diet.

4) How often do you trim? 
I trim my ends every 6 months at the salon right after a touch up, (that is how long i stretch my relaxers).  At home i did the Search and Destroy method almost every single weekend. I loved to do that! Just split my hair in 10 sections, grab my scissors and just sit at the window where the sun is fully coming in. The back of my hair was long enough so i could go on and on, on :)

5) What made you decide to transition? 
I fell in love while stretching. Yep..... whilllle stretching. Just fell for my new growth, for the thickness, the way it felt and looked. And by falling in love i was getting tired of dealing with 2 textures e-very sing-le time. But i also think that it was my subconscious telling me 'Hey sis you have some basic knowledge about your hair i think you can handle your Natural curls'. So... i transitioned for almost a year and did some mini chopping along the way until i couldn't take it anymore and BC just like that!

6) What are your future plans with your natural hair? Will you grow it long?
My future plan is to have healthy natural hair, and if that gives me length to my ankles i definitely won't big chop that off  ;) 

7) Will you come and visit us in England soon? :) 
Girl i'm coming over and we will do the pinky thing while sipping a cup of tea!  (lol)

x fi


  1. Love..Love..Love her hair..both relaxed and natural!

  2. Ammmaazzing! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi was wondering where is Kara from and what language does she was in her blogs.


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