Monday, 6 June 2011

Hairdrenaline Potion

3 inches in 7 weeks!!!

So those familiar with hairlista and who are youtube hair video fanatics like myself, will know that word on the street is that there is a hair potion that can get you 3 inches of  hair growth in 7 weeks! Also known as...

'The Hairdrenaline hair potion'
A hair concoction containing biotin, tea, castor oil, cayenne pepper, onion oil and garlic oil.

Ohvaleriemoncherie's potion has received a lot of criticism over the past few months, however on the other hand women are going crazy for this stuff and have embarked on their very own potion hair challenges.

I think the ingredients are in no way suspicious so the question is what do you think? Worth a try?



x edF


  1. Wow i have been hearing about this around esp on hairlista and dam it seems to work and as you say the ingredients don't look suspect which is good.

    Reminds me of jbco used excessfully... not sure if I will jump on the bangwagon just yet.. How about you?

  2. lol i love that jbco in excess! Yeah i agree... i'm definitely going to remix it and start using it as soon i take this install out in a few weeks :)

  3. hi i have really dry scalp what should i do, even when i wash it it never comes out?

  4. hey anonymous send me an email at so that we can talk and i can send you a detailed message about this dry scalp issue!


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