Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Series: Shampoo Then what?


This has been long coming i know! Finally the second part of the shampoo then what series! I've already covered air here we go with 10 tips for successful blow drying...

1. Always remember to use a heat protectant before applying any heat to your hair. People often ask for proof of the effects of heat protectants... quite frankly prevention is better than cure! Heat protectants add a protective barrier to your hair, so basically lessen the damage caused by heat.

Here are some great heat protectants ...
1. Aveda Brilliant damage control
2. Fantasia ic heat protection serum
3. Elasta QP Design Silk
4. Aussi heat protection
5. TRESemme thermal heat protective spray
6. Chi silk infusion
2. Face the blow dryer downwards when blow drying. This seals your hair cuticles as this is the direction in which your cuticles lay.

3. Use a low heat setting instead of the highest setting! Yes the higher may seem to give
 sleeker results, however patience with a lower heat setting and you can achieve the same result!

4. Keep the blow dryer away from your hair. 6-7 inches is reasonable. You can cause problems with over drying your scalp if the blow dryer is too close to your hair. You are also more likely to cause damage o your hair if the blow dryer is not kept at a reasonable distance from your hair.

5. Blow dry in sections from back to front. The back of our head contains hair which is more likely to tangle. Drying our hair in sections reduces breakage and gives better blow out results such as reduced frizz.

6. Avoid blow drying one section of hair for too long as this can burn your hair. Keep the blow dryer moving.

7. Do not blow dry dirty hair. When hair is full of products these products will burn more readily because in most cases they contain ingredients that can burn if overheated. Blow drying clean hair also produces a more lustrous and free flowing blow out result.

8. Make sure hair is properly dried before blow drying. Hair should not be excessively wet. A good t-shirt dry should do the trick. Partially air drying is also a great idea.

9. Make sure you have detangled your hair in the shower prior to drying your hair. This promotes smooth and tangle free blow drying.

10. If using a brush and blow dry technique, invest in a good brush. Personally the denman brush works great for me. 

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  1. Great advice that I need to start following. Thanks for the recommended heat protectants. I need to buy one asap!


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