Sunday, 12 June 2011

Saturday's shoes

fun with niks!
I love these badboys... courtesy of motherdearest
fabric...fabric... perhaps i can make my wedding dress....
x my Munich sweethearts x
Most valuable lesson learned in Munich
'Only those who look left and right, can think ahead'
Not much of a hair post as you've guessed, but no joke this protective style challenge is proving quite boring! I feel like i'm in hair product rehab.... there's no fun in not being able to buy products and test them... in fact the thought of waiting a whole month (weave take-out) before my henna gloss treatment gives me eye spasms... grrr... so this is what you'll have to put up with guys... posts about me... my life... perhaps other products...hmm makeup might work well...clothes... etc etc.

If i can't buy products i sure will find another way to bother you guys muhahaha

x Fi

p.s there are some missing blog photos... i'm till in the process of re- uploading them. My Picasa album crashed!

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