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Henna for better hair

During the first year of my hair journey I was a regular henna user. That is, I bought a tub of henna conditioner and used it everynow and again. Little did I know henna wasn't the main ingredient in the conditioner! So a year later I've decided to do some real research on henna and get back on the bandwagon and incorporate henna into my hair regime, even whilst doing the protective style hair challenge.
After taking a look at Curly Nikki's results there's no doubt I need some henna in my life. I plan on doing a henna gloss treatment in between installs when my hair is resting before the next weave install.

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What is henna?
Henna, lawsonia inermis, is a plant. It is a large bush, or small tree, that grows in hot, dry climates. There is evidence from Egypt that henna was regularly used to dye hair five thousand years ago, and may have been used in Jericho as early as eight thousand years ago. Henna was used to keep hair healthy and to color gray hair.

What does Henna do?
- Strength: The henna dye molecule binds with the keratin bonds in our hair thus making our hair stronger and more resistant to breakage. It smoothens the hair cuticle by filling out rough spots on the frayed cuticle, which also results in softer hair.

- Colour: Henna helps to darken hair and give it a richer, shinier look. Henna adds a red tint to hair which can be seen in bright light but in normal light makes hair look darker and more lustrous. It is a non chemical dye and therefore safe for our hair.

- Application: As Henna is a dye it is known for being messy and should not be applied without gloves! It needs to be left on for a long period of time (4-10 hours). Each application is different so you need patience in order to get it right. Results vary according to how you mix your treatment, so practice makes perfect!

- Texture:  Henna can be drying and you should always co wash after rinsing it out. It is similar to a hard core protein treatment, hence why a henna gloss treatment is more recommendable as compared to a pure henna treatment.

-Smell: Henna has a strong smell which some people hate. It tends to linger for a few days but eventually fades. This smell is masked more easily with a henna gloss treatment.

- Your hair will get darker/richer in colour with each additional application of henna. Henna does not lighten hair, it adds tints but does not lighten.

- Be cautious of buying fake henna from hair shops. In most cases it is coloured henna and referred to as black or red henna. Coloured henna is not pure henna and therefore is chemically based. Source BAQ (Body art quality) henna from reputable sources such as (US and Canada) or Sheabutter Cottage (UK and Europe)

Reasons to use Henna:
To revitalise dull looking hair
For stronger hair
As a protein treatment

In my case I love hair that is rich in colour. My hair is a mixture of shades due to relaxer effects so the henna treatment should work great in achieving a uniform colour, richness and hair strength.

main information source:
'fantastic blog for naturals'

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