Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Be back soon...

Definitely not a post I was looking forward to writing but it must be done! I'll be away from the blogosphere for another week, therefore back on Wednesday 18th April. A few unexpected events have happened in my life as of recent so I'm in dyer need of a cyber break in order to sort those things out!

In good news i'll be blogging literally every day when I get back because I WILL complete my April 'Upcoming Posts' and of course because I can't wait to get back to blogging! 

Till then stay blessed & beautiful, and be sure to check out some old and ancient posts! The label tab lists them by category so have a blast!

I'll have my phone at hand always so will still be able to answer reader mails ^_^

Missing you already 

x Fi


  1. Nooooooo!!!! Not when I just came back to blogsphere! I got your sweet message. Thank you for missing me. I plan on posting more regularly now. :o) Hopefully it works out. Working, getting my masters, and now new awesome things are keeping me busy.

    God bless with sorting things out. I'll miss you until the 18th! Excited for your upcoming post.

    1. I hear you! Studying really isn't easy! I'm thinking of you anyway and glad you'll be posting more often :) Stay blessed, relax and I know you'll excel xxx


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