Saturday, 21 April 2012

Girls just wanna have fun... Made in Chelsea Remix

I've lived with my housemates for 3 and a half years now and every time we go back home (London) for the holidays we plan on meeting up, but somehow I can never make it! Well this time it was different! My girl Tayo prepped an itinerary and we were on the streets of Chelsea as early as 11am doing what the Chelsonians do best... Living it up!!! 

P.s. Did I mention we almost died riding Boris' bikes?!!! It definitely was a day worth telling the grand kiddies about!
Early morning view from my window
My sweetiepies
Breakfast with the old dutch!

Hitting the busy streets in Sloan Square... can you see the excitement!!!
The dude that managed to scare Ruby!
Mexican lunch @ Wahaca- delicious!!!
One of my fave rings <3
The 2 troublemakers... don't be fooled by the dimples !!!

Avec amour
edF ❥

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