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Hair Tool Review | Blowout smoothness with a Tangle Teezer

You may often wonder why it is that the products/tools I review, frequently end up being relatively positive. As much as I love receiving/trying new products, I only ever agree to them if I'm confident in the brand/ product itself, and believe wholeheartedly that it will set out to do what it says it will. 

Well, despite being very chuffed with my wide tooth comb and additional detangling tool; the BaByliss Everyday Paddle Brush, I decided to go out on a whim and treat myself to the infamous Tangle Teezer. On this occasion I didn't buy the TT to satisfy any product junkie cravings, I bought it because currently at 5 months post and co-washing+air drying 2-3 times a week, styling my hair has turned into a completely new ball game, and I have come to realise the following:

1| As well as detangling in the shower I now have to engage in post wash detangling. I've been experiencing single strand knots and this is the best way I find prevents them!

2| My wide tooth comb doesn't quite detangle to my satisfaction out of the shower as well as when in the shower. 

3| Though it works the trick in the shower I find the BaByliss Paddle Brush way to bulky and inconvenient when using it to smooth/detangle my hair for styling. I can barely see my hair with this thing in the way!

So... I opted for the Tangle Teezer which profiles as gliding through wet, vulnerable and colour treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking. I used the Tangle Teezer on wet hair in the shower and on moisturised damp hair afterwards. 

The Review
Effectiveness | I definitely feel the Tangle Teezer lived up to its claims especially when used in the shower. It detangled just about every strand of hair which I often find a wider toothed comb cannot do as well. The gentle bristles were also fairly easy on my hair and great for smoothing both in and out of the shower.

Size | As mentioned previously I love my paddle brush but find it a tad bit inconvenient for detangling or smoothing outside of the shower. The TT is compact, and minus a handle still allows for a firm grip.

General thoughts | I will be using the Tangle Teezer as a staple detangling tool during washes but not as frequently when styling post washing. Although it gives fantastic smoothing and detangling results, I don't plan on using it 3 times a week because that's way too much manipulation for me, especially considering its narrowly spaced bristles. If anything I'll use the TT just on my ends to specifically avoid single strand knots, otherwise I like my strands in their frizzed/waved state. As long as the surface appeals, who needs to see what lies beneath!  

 R.R.P £9.98 at Black & Brown

Is it me or does my hair not look blowdried here? Another tool makes the cut!!!

Avec amour...
Fiona ❥


  1. ur hair is beautiful..loving ur transitioning journey :)

  2. Hi Fiona.
    I was wondering if you had any advice on how to prevent tangles in transitioning hair? I have notced with my hair for the past month of so, that my hair gets tangled at the new growth/relaxed line when the hair is dry? This has led to me dealing with breakage. Any recommendations? Thank You!

    1. Of course! My hair craves for extra moisture and proper detangling. I began to notice breakage when I skipped my daily moisture and seal for up to 2 days, which may seem like nothing but really makes a difference with transitioning hair. Moisture will help give elasticity and therefore allow both hair types to resemble each other more so than when dry. There are so many other factors too e.g hair regime and how you wear you hair. Perhaps you can drop me an e-mail ?

  3. I love the tangle teezer i use it on my natural hair and braids (pick and Drop) it detangles so well.

    1. Yes it definitely does and is very easy on the hair :)


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