Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Original Moxie™ UK Promotional Code

Guess who's back baby! That's right my 2 week blogging break has finally come to an end and I'm back with a plethora of posts in the pipeline, and even better- with a promotional code to share! [who doesn't love a good old discount eh?!]

If you haven't already heard, Original Moxie products will officially be ready, boxed up and urging for you to purchase them from their new UK home Black & Brown

As a way of celebrating the launch of Original Moxie in the UK, Black & Brown are giving all LYT tress lovers 10% off!!!

You can officially buy and redeem your Original Moxie code at 00:01 on 18/04/12 a.k.a tomorrow, so if you're an all night hawker like myself that means the spree starts soon!

Have fun shopping but don't break the bank!

[valid until 25/04/12]

What's the big deal with Original Moxie you ask? Should I really let my inner product junkie out after so long?
 Check out my initial Original Moxie Product Launch post for more info!

Avec amour
edF ❥

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