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Reader Questions | 1 |

Here we go with the first Reader Questions post...

Q Where can I buy Black Hair Magazine? Is it sold in stores like WHSmith or only available through online subscription?
BHM can be purchased from WHSmith and various newsagents. You can also subscribe by calling 01376 534 500.

Q What exactly does transitioning mean as I see you've put that as your hair type?
Transitioning is the move from chemically treated hair back to natural hair. It is the decision to no longer use chemical treatments in order to alter your new growth. This can be achieved through a BC [Big Chop] whereby one cuts off all of their hair and starts to grow their hair again from scratch, or by holding out without relaxer for a long period of time so that your natural roots grow out to a stage where you have achieved enough length, to then happily cut off your chemically treated ends.

Q I've decided to install a weave to help me a) get through the last few months of my stretch and b) protect my crown area so that it can recover from substantial breakage. 
[1]What do I ask the stylist for when I go? 
[2] What type of hair should I get?
[1] If you are after protecting your crown from substantial breakage it would seem a break from any manipulative hairstyle is your best bet. But if for personal reasons you cannot leave your hair out then a full head weave is the better option. Leave out hair tends to require high maintenance when wearing an install, especially if you opt for a weave hair texture different to that of your own hair. This is because you are more likely to straighten it or curl it, therefore causing potential heat damage and breakage.

[2] The type of hair you go for is subject to what look you are after. Non synthetic and therefore natural hair lasts much longer and comes in several types and qualities. Depending on your budget you can opt for beauty store hair or in the case that you want hair that can be re-used and is of potentially better quality, then you can also opt for hair from reputable virgin hair stockists.

Q  I wash and DC my hair weekly and follow up with moisturising and sealing. Is it okay that my hair stays damp/wet under my weave cap/wig for days before my next wash?
This regime would fall under 'baggying'. Baggying is a method where you moisturise your hair, apply oil and then cover hair with a plastic cap in order to lock moisture into your hair from body heat, similar to deep conditioning under a plastic cap. Whilst baggying works well to retain moisture, it is important to remember that hair should not be soaking wet when baggying because hair that is over moisturised will break. Moreover, the scalp needs to breathe and therefore needs a break from the humid environment created beneath the cap/wig, baggying every other day is better than consistent daily baggying.

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