Saturday, 19 November 2011

Diary of a Tress Lover : Michelle from Kurls Koils Kinks

I was really excited when I found out that my old school friend [and photoshoot buddy- haha what a memory!] Michelle was blessing the hairsphere with a juicy blog on her beautiful natural hair.

There's nothing like some good ol' natural hair advice from a full term representing natural. So here is my very own one to one with the natural ghanaian princess herself!

How long have you been natural ?
 I have been natural for about 6ish years but due to lack of knowledge on how to tame my tresses I lived with mediocer length and thinning hair. Constant weaves and braids were harsh on my hair and never allowing my tresses to breathe damaged my hair so on January 9th 2011 I b/c and havent looked back and began a new healthier hair regime

What do you love most about being natural ?
 I love the versatility that comes with natural hair.

 What is a week like in your hair regime world?
Depending on my schedule will depend on my hair regime. If my hair is in braids I will spritz it with glycerin and water every other day but if its out I will twist it nightly and moisturize it daily.

What are the biggest lessons you've learned during your hair journey?
PATIENCE. I am sure everyone knows the saying slow and steady wins the race. Sometimes I get frustrated and I just want long natural hair now, but I know that not the case, healthy strong hair takes time to grow so be patient ladies and gents.

You love Shea Butter! How would you suggest people tackle the crispy crunch issues that can sometimes be associated with using it?
I mix shea butter with coconut oil and honey it makes it a lot smoother and you dont have that crunchy feeling and it gets rid of the smell of unrefined shea butter leaving your hair feeling soft and bouncy.

Check out and follow Chelle's natural hair journey on her fabulous blog:

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