Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My hairy weekend! Curl patterns and more...

Last weekend was super duper busy for me! I spent the whole of Saturday doing my hair which meant study study study on Sunday, and they say the Sabbath is for rest! *sigh*

I shared on Facebook and Twitter that I would be using my Gingernut brulee prepoo, followed by the Anita Grant Organic Kelp + Ylang Babassu shampoo bar, followed by!!! A banana 'n' chocolate deep conditioning hair mask and finishing off with some hair moisturiser and my Castor oil scalp stimulating oil! Now can you imagine what a busy day it was?!!!

Well, I won't reveal all of my weekend shenanigans in this post. I will, however, show you something very interesting!
 My curl pattern!!! 

I don't even think I should have one considering I recently relaxed my hair! In fact my last relaxer was an EPIC fail, flop, shambles! If not for the blowout I had done at the CuttingRoomCreative salon, I'm sure my hair wouldn't have looked as near as lush as it did in all of my haircut pictures! It simply did not relax!

Have a look for yourselves!

Major News!
Dare I say it! I guess this means I'm transitioning!!!


P.s. I will be posting my banana 'n' chocolate hair mask recipe and results [especially for the lovely Anne-Marie] , as well as my review on the Anita Grant shampoo bar and of course the highly requested Castor oil scalp stimulating oil recipe. Stay tuned for those posts!

Avec amour...

edF ❥


  1. So you are going to be transitioning to natural or texlaxed?

  2. So glad you've blogged this. Exactly the same thing happened to me a week after relaxing my hair from the roots to the ends. I thought it was because my hair was protein sensitive - as I used the aphogee 6 week thingy - the really smelly one - not the 2min one.

    Anywho, would look forward to you blogging a transition, I'm still deciding on whether I want to transition as well. I've been stretching for 4months already and want to get a weave...what's next? je ne sais pas.

  3. @Chanel - I sure am but of course things wont change until i officially get far into my stretch so im still relaxed for now! I'll be transitioning to natural :)

    @Anon - I feel you! I was so inbetween it myself! Im still mega scared but wont bind myself to anything. Ive completed an 8 month stretch so this will just be a longer version i guess!

  4. Hey hun,
    Question: are you just transitioning because your hair didn't relax properly or do you have other reasons? because on more then one occasion I have seen people report hair not taking to relaxer after long stretches! why don't you try doing a corrective relaxer?

  5. Hey hun :) Aww thanks for checking in! No i was going to do a corrective but decided to give transitioning a go as i know i've been wanting to do it for a while now. I stretched for 8 months last year so hopefully can go the whole mile :) x


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