Thursday, 24 November 2011

30 Hairstyles : 30 day challenge - Day 23 ( p2 )

Bantu knot out results...

Avec amour...

edF ❥


  1. That is BEAUTIFUL! Can we have a tutorial on this style please, I don't know if it's due to the fact that I have natural hair but my bantu knot outs never really go well (Ok, I've only tried once but hey)!

  2. OOOOO mayo i love this one!!!

  3. Wow your hair looks lovely!! :) Ill defo be trying this (and probably all of the styles in your 30day challenge) when i take out my braids! Did you keep the bantu knots in overnight? x

  4. I heart the style... Its a must try for me

  5. Awww thank you! No i kept them in for like 3 hours. Overnight would have made them even better!

  6. Love this! How did you clip it up?? With a hairband or just bobby pins? Thanks!

  7. @Atim we must definitely can! Im going to do a tutorial on the top 5 styles once the challenge is over on wedsnesday :) x

    @Cocopop :) love the name! Yes i didn't use a band, i find it restricts... just a few boboy pins and i was good to go!


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