Thursday, 24 November 2011

Black Friday | Cyber Monday! Holidays are here!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Guys I'm itching literally... the thought of all of these crazy sales is making me nervous! I haven't got a J.O.B but trust me I WILL be splurging and satisfying my inner PJ! [sell dads car???]

To not buy at least 1 product when some are selling at a 50% discounted rate is simple stoopid! 

For all the UK/EU folk who haven't heard of Black Friday well here's the 411 [yes i said 411, I'm american just for this post!] It's the official mark of the beginning of the festive holiday season in our hairsphere sister land la la l'Americaaaa!

Just about everything a hair lover wants goes on sale and discounts can reach up to as much as 50%!!! 

Some of our smarty pant UK brands have jumped on the bandwagon too! O SheaButterCottage and Anita grant how I love thee!

The sales typically start tomorrow and some require discount codes. I've been browsing for some over the past 2 hours but there are soo many more. Just got to your fave hair product site and take a look yourselves!

Here are some UK delivery friendly products for you to feast on in the mean time!!!

Anita Grant
start: Thurs 24th Nov @ 7pm 
end: Weds 30th @ 7pm
20% off 
Discount code: CHEERS
start: Already started!
end: Monday 28th Nov @ Midnight
10-30% off selected products

British Curlies
start: Friday 25th Nov @ 8 am
end: Monday 28th Nov 12am
20% off selected brands

start: Friday 25th Nov
end:Friday 25th Nov
15% discount

start: Friday 25th Nov
end: Monday 28th Nov @ Midnight
30- 50% off everything

Avec amour...

edF ❥

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