Sunday, 6 March 2011

Basic Relaxer Haircare

Although i've reduced my relaxers to twice a year, those very two two occasions when i do relax are well prepared for. In my case i self relax and really can't remember the last time someone besides myself, relaxed my hair! However self relaxer or hairdresser relaxer there are still ways you can optmise your relaxer results and hair health pre and during relaxer.

For hairdresser visitors, never (especially if making a first time visit to your hairdressers) assume that everyone knows absolutely everything about hair health. Some salons are great at styling/ offering cheap treatments/cutting etc but may give you a bad relaxer experience without you knowing, so here are a few tips pre and during relaxer.

1. Avoid washing your hair for at least a week before your relaxer. This is because if your scalp is too clean, you will not have allowed enough sebum production on your scalp. The sebum on our scalp acts as a natural lubricant and also protective layer which works well in avoiding any hair chemicals from penetrating faster into your scalp.

2. Try not to leave your hair too dirty before a relaxer because by this time your scalp may begin to itch. Itchy your scalp pre relaxer is a major 'dont do', it results in an irritated scalp and can also result in later scalp burning because of all of that scratching.

3. No scratching!

4. Reduce combing/brushing before relaxing, but when necessary use a wide tooth comb. Combing/brushing too much before relaxing may make your scalp more sore.

5. On the day of your relaxer whether self realxing or at the salon, makesure your scalp is based using an oil such as coconut oil or castor oil. Many salons also use vaseline... i used to before my hair jounrey began, but no longer do. Eitherway makesure your scalp is protected as well as your hairline. A protective barrier prevents relaxer from being penetrated into your scalp. 

6. Protect your hair strands! Oil your strands that commence after your re-growth, therefore everything except your new growth. This is because you want the relaxer to straighten your new growth therefore adding oils to it will act as a protective barrier and may mean you need a longer time before the relaxer straightens the new growth. You don't want to leave a relaxer in for more than the recommended time so oil your strands except new growth, in order to protect hair that you will not be adding relaxer too.

Happy relaxing :)

x edF x


  1. what do u do after relaxing ur hair ?

    1. Hi anon, I usually let it airdry or I rollerset or blowdry

  2. Hi! :)

    Why don't you use petroleum jelly anymore?

    Wouldn't it protect the hair better than coconut oil or castor oil?

    But, for moisturizing your hair- I would agree- the coconut oil and castor oil would be better?

    Thank you so much for your great site! :)

    1. Hi Yuna :) I simply stopped because I found other things worked just as well. Either worked well for me :) I would call the oils moisturising but instead nourishing and able to protect. Moisture requires for some H20 as an ingredient so creams and hair lotions better suit this xxx


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