Thursday, 24 March 2011

Perfect People

I've wanted to put on weight since forever. I've always been on the thinner side. I had what i believe was a 'bigger' stage in my life... but that was rather pathetic because it was bigger in a sense that i could almost fit into a size 10 pair of jeans!

Almost 5 years down the line and there is no sign of weight gain! Fact is we females will never be 100% satisfied. What a joke! I'm here craving to be bigger and the next person is fighting to get rid of their cake cravings!

Let me break down how i eat on a daily basis (and yes this is up to date and very much so current!)

Breakfast @8am- 1 whole mango, half a pot of yoghurt and muesli 

10am @ work- 1 Hazelnut filled croissant and a choc mocha

11am group break- Yoghurt and water

Lunch 12pm - canteen food (very good and wholesome most of the time!)
Followed by dessert in the bistro

2pm group break- Chocolate bar and water 

3:30 pm ish- Coffee/tea with Zusana

7:00pm @ home- left overs from the night before (and yes there is always food left over, i cook in abundance!) - today i had spag bog!

8pm @ home- main meal

9pm Dessert: 2 pancakes smothered with nutella and 2 scoops of ice cream

So why i am still thin peeps? Hmm... anyway just thought i'd share. Off to to demolish some jerk chicken and rice :)

'You are fearfully and wonderfully made' 

 No matter what size you are (as corny as it made seem)... thin, chubby, curvy, tall, short...we are all perfect :)

x edF

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