Monday, 14 March 2011

Todays hair

Evening guys,

today wasn't particularly special. Well, it was because i'm alive and well, and more than blessed, but hair wise i was (up until an hour ago) rocking overdue airdried hair. My hair is in its 4 month without relaxer as some of you already know, and i've come to the stage where no regrowth is going to stop me from keeping my swag! I simply can't sacrifice not getting married because of re-growth. So.... i decided to straighten 3 teeny weeny sections of my hair.

Honestly i feel great. It's funny what 1 heat pass on three sections of hair can do for you!!! See if i was natural i would rock my hair with pride, but living with airdried hair and two hair textures is something different, especially if your airdried hair was a previous braid out that went awfully wrong!

(Just to reiterate i love my re-growth, without it i'm grumpy, however i had an awful braid-out air dry experience and didn't want to product overload or continuously brush my hair in order to click my hair down).

I love my waves... going to invest in eco styler to keep my hair tamed

who would know that beyond this straight layer , lies a jungle of growth!
x edF

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  1. Thank you for sharing this experience to us. Keep posting.


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