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Dandruff Shampoo

Dry Scalp
From the age of 16 right up until 19 all i can recall about my hair was having an ├╝ber dry scalp. Myself and my sister would spend minutes upon minutes in front of the mirror using a comb to scratch out our dry scalp flakes. Strictly confidential: we thought it was so cool! Not knowing the cause or how to treat the issue my first assumption was of course to use a dandruff shampoo.
Did it solve the problem? Not at all! In fact all it did was dry my scalp and make styling after washing a huge pain. Of course after one or two attempts of using a dandruff shampoo, i stopped and was lucky enough to stumble upon a few hair sites that discussed my issue. 

The biggest mistake i made of course was to falsely assume that a dry scalp is dandruff. Many of us do not know the difference and therefore give ourselves the wrong diagnosis.

Dandruff is a mixture of sebum (oil which comes from the hair shaft), sweat, bacteria and scalp tissue. It is always yellow or orange colored because of the sebum and sweat. 

Dry scalp is an over shedding of dead and dehydrated skin cells of the scalp caused by itching, scratching, over combing, and due to severe dehydration of the sebaceous glands. This shedding will be white in color, in fact the white colored flakes you may see in dandruff shampoo commercials is actually dry scalp not dandruff. There is also not a bacteria present in most cases, and the skin has not combined with sweat and sebum.

Though each individuals hair case is different. The steps i took to eliminate this dry scalp problem were very simple and worked for me:

My hair regime Then vs Now

Washed hair once a month
Rarely deep conditioned
Used any shampoo- never cautious of its moisturising qualities
Never massaged my scalp
Never oiled my scalp (only greased it on my wash day)

Wash hair at least once a week.  
Deep condition on every wash day
Replace moisturising shampoo with moisturising conditioner 2/4 times in the month.
Massage my scalp whenever i can (always on the day i use jbco)
Nourish my scalp with castor oil every 2/3 days 

This regime is what turned my hair care journey around, i haven't had problems with dandruff ever since.

Other tips to consider:
*Combing your hair from the roots encourages sebum flow and allows your naturally produced sebum to be  spread throughout your hair.
*Scalp massaging encourages oil production and blood flow.
*Take care to use a moisturising conditioner. Word has it the cloudier the colour the more moisturising it is.

x edF


  1. Hi!! I just want to say congrats to you on your hair journey!! I was just wondering if you had any recommendations for people trying to make a hair regime suitable and not time consuming while in school? I am in university right now and it has been hard for me to find something that works for me while here. I have been using shea butter, but have recently switched back to the JBCO and I have been stretching since the middle of january, which is not bad...Butttt my new growth is driving me crazy right now.. some advice please!! Thank You!!!

  2. Hi Afua,

    thank you :) I totally know how time consuming hair care can seem when in uni, it was the story of my life last year!

    Considering you are stretching as well as studying i think it would be a good idea to:

    wash or cowash once a week (on a rest day e.g sat or sunday)
    deep condition for 30 mins with heat
    and style as you like

    for the deep condition i would really recommend a coconut oil deep condition. to date that is the best thing i have used that has made my new growth the softest it has ever been.

    But also, If u know u'll be in all day studying i would say deep condition for as long as you like under a shower cap... that way u can still study and finish your hair when your ready.

    JBCO is great, i love it, so if you like it then keep with it :) You can apply this every 4 days so that it doesn't becoming time consuming. 5 minutes aside should be ok.

    Hope this helps. Do holla if you want me to elaborate on anything

    x Fi

  3. Hi Fiona,
    Thanks for the advice, I has been co-washing with the VO-5 Moisture Milks and deep conditioning with ORS Hair Mayonnaise for an hour without heat (since I have a hand-held dryer, that would take too long to do for 30 min)... I tried air-drying last week but it turned out a mess, hopefully this week it will be better. I don't have the coconut oil yet, but I am still looking for one the is extra virgin and a reasonable price.. I do however have some sweet almond oil, which has been great so far.. But all in all, I guess it is a day by day project that I have to work on gradually... Thank you again for the advice, and if I have anymore questions I will let you know... and I joined the facebook group as well,just in case I couldn't make it to the blog.. But anyway enough of my ranting, I hope all is well with you Take Care!

  4. Some shampoo products contain essential nutrients for the hair.


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