Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Stretching Rant and Upcoming posts

"Having completed a 6 month stretch last year, i figure i've done very well this year. It's been so much easier. I haven't got one of those urges to just relax because i'm finding the stretch to stressful...HOWEVER... last weekends washing and airdrying experience had to be the worst yet! So bad i was in too fowl a mood to take a picture! Hmm

So what went wrong?

The biggest mistake i made was being too lazy to wash whilst in the shower. Nope... Fiona went for the old school kneel head down method. Anyone wise enough would know that this isn't the smartest thing to do when 4 months post relaxer. 
On top of washing it this way I also rinsed this way after my DC! What a knob!

Anyway lets just say trying to get my hair to adhere with gravity (when styling) just wasn't happening! I had to detangle quite a bit out of the shower and use extra products to try and keep this badboy tamed".

Moral of the story!....

1)  Washing in the shower with your hair down makes its easier to manage once dry because your hair is flowing in its natural gravitational direction.

2) Patience is your hairs best friend!

Part 2 of this post is to apologize for not committing to all of my 'Upcoming Posts'. I must admit the final weekend in Feb was a bit of a ditsy one! 
I forgot that February had 28 days and what's more i had a special surprise visitor and steered away from being an internet geek while they were here.

So... its a new month of course and there are also new upcoming posts, including those that were not fulfilled in Feb.

Lets March into March!

*Shampoo then what series: Braidout
*Transition tales- intro to transitioning
*Natural lifestyle
*Maintaining a weave (also when stretching relaxer)
*Conditioner concoctions
* Natural vs organic- do you really know? 

x edF

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