Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Weave Maintenance in action

I'm very excited about this weave journey. It's been a while since i last had one. Besides my scalp feeling sore initially and itching like crazy, i'm finally comfortable and able to enjoy it! One of my colleagues at work today asked me what i use to make my hair grow so far! I should have said something crazy like peanut butter! Darn why am i just thinking of this now?!

Anyway of course i would never! Back to the point, here are some pics i took of my weave i've also got a quick YT video about how i plan on maintaining it. (Will be published tomorrow) 

x edF


  1. How much did everything cost? From the weave to getting it put in?

  2. Kiki sorry for the late reply. It was on the pricey side... approx £140 . I was blessed to have a friend install it for free, but if your based in the UK i can recommend some places where you can get a weave installed. Just let me know :) x


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