Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Moisture/ Protein Overload

Just a discussion on the facebook group page...

"One of the things i found most difficult when starting my hair journey was understanding this protein/moisture balance theory!
In fact i didn't even know you could have too much of one, but you can! It does take really understanding your hair to know but i promise you, at some point you will.

How do you know if your hair is over moisturised or is overloaded with protein?

The wet strand hair test!

Yes guys you'll have to pull out a strand or 2 of hair for this one (gasps!)

Take 1 or 2 strands from the root, wet them lightly and check for the following. Pull each strand lightly from both ends.

1) if your hair continues to stretch like a rubber band and then eventually need protein, your hair is over moisturised.
2) the same applies if you contunue to stretch your hair and it doesn't break- over moisturised.
3) If your strand/s do not stretch and break at soon as you pull it/them, then you need moisture. Your hair is dry and brittle hence why it breaks so readily
4) the same applies if your hair is hard,rough and dry. You need moisture.

I can now very easily tell how my hair feels. Most often my hair is under moisturised hence why i only do protein dc's once a month.

You may be even more baffled afer reading this but both issues produce 2 completely different hair textures. Overly moisturised hair is usually quite soft, stretchy and mushy whereas hair that has undergone too many protein treatments is usually rough, dry looking and very coarse and hard."

How does your hair feel?


  1. Blessings, and Thanks you for this information, this is the best information I have gotten so for on this topic... I was trying to figure out what I have for a few days now, and I been focus on taking care of my hair to hair real long, and I think I been trying to hard with different product... I think I have moisture overload, because my hair is mushy when it's wet, soft when my hair is coarse and thick, and its shedding and popping easy, so please tell me I am right?.... I thought it was protein overload because I was putting a small amount everyday of protein daily treatment that's by Organics Hair Mayonnaise, and coconut oil, plus another strengthening that I think don't have no protein in it, and also I used the coconut as a pre poo on top of all the other stuff I just name, but I did rinse my hair before doing this.... So this is why I was leaning more on protein overload then moisture overload, but my hair have the signs you named of moisture overload, why is this when I was using more protein seems like then moisture?... Thank you for your help, I wash my hair with 3 different shampoos in the last three days and it still not working this have that mushy light thin feeling, and its shedding n breaking please help me, I don't want to have to cut anymore hair off.. God bless

    1. Hey lovely to hear from you. The hair mayonnaise is a protein based product and as you mentioned you are using more protein products as opposed to moisturizing products. The first thing I would say is don't over stress as this is a huge player when it comes to hair loss, the more stressed you are the worse it is for your health and also hair growth and strength potential. I would also not use too much protein as in the long run you may have the opposite problem of your hair being to brittle. Our hair needs moisture more than it does protein in terms of products application that is. Perhaps it is another product you are using such as the Shampoo. I would say stick to the product you were using before your hair experienced this issue and use it for a few weeks. Whilst doing this also keep your scalp well moisturized and also add some oil to it and massage it in every perhaps 2-3 days. It may simply be one of your main shedding phases and a temporary thing. However do not use too many new products or spend too much time manipulating your scalp or hair. Wear something like a simple bun and see how it reacts to simple and minimal products as well as scalp care over the next few weeks x Also up your water and fruit intake to help encourage the mending phase xxx


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