Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Clarifying Shampoo

"A portion of clean scalps please"

DefinitionClarifying shampoo is any of a variety of shampoo products that are formulated to deep clean the hair by removing product buildup from the hair shafts. Styling products, such as hair moussehair gel, hair spray, conditioners, and even daily shampoos can cause buildup on the hair over time. This buildup can add weight to the hair, making it flat and lifeless, as well as prevent the reflection of light, which makes the hair appear dull and dingy. Periodic use of a clarifying shampoo will help remove the buildup and provide the hair with a clean start.
(source: wisegeek)

Personally i don't clarify. Before i started my hair journey i suffered from a very dry scalp, so much so that i used a medicated dandruff shampoo! (Well i stole my dads from time to time). Ever since starting my hair journey a dry scalp has never been an issue. I find just about any shampoo i use clarifying enough. 

However as said in the definition. Clarifiers are great for deep cleansing and getting rid of product build up.

Most people clarify once a month because more than this can have serious drying effects. However considering how many products we often put in our hair, clarifying is great for removing these products as well as dead skin cells. 

Anyone opting for a more natural clarifying alternative, try some african black soap. 
has a great selection and also ships internationally.

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  1. I have very oily hair and scalp so a clarifying shampoo works wonders on my hair. I love it!


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