Friday, 4 March 2011

How to: Seal Those Ends

So the week is almost out and its crazy...its March already! There was me thinking i had until Feb 31st to complete all of my upcoming posts, then it clicked! There is no Feb 31st...! But hey on to todays post! Lets talk about sealing :)

For those familiar with the term M 'n' S aka Moisturizing and sealing, you'll know this is a signature procedure in the hair regime world! Moisturizing makes sense of course but as for sealing... some people aren't sure of exactly what is is.

What is sealing? 
Sealing is the process usually carried out as soon as you have finished moisturizing your hair, whereby you use oils to coat your tresses. 

As with any moisturizing product, after a while it loses its moisture due to environmental factors and therefore needs a moisture boost. This is exactly the same with our hair. A day ( or for some even hours) after moisturizing our hair is dry again.

In order to reduce the rate at which moisture is lost from our hair we can use oils. Oils act as a protective barrier and therefore provide a protective coating to whatever it is they are coating. Therefore after moisturizing, sealing is great because it coats the moisturizing product you have in your hair. This means that your hair stays moisturized for that bit longer!!!  Why? because the moisture won't find it as easy to escape the oil barrier surrounding it.

How exactly do you seal?  
It's quite simple. After moisturizing those lovely strands, you put an ample amount of your selected oil in the palm of your hands and simply rub the oil all over your hair. Remember to pay special attention to the ends of your tresses. This is because they are the oldest part of your hair and therefore more susceptible to damage.

Sealing oils
The oil you use to seal your hair really boils down to preference. 

Coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, vatika oil are just a few. Personally i would steer away from heavy oils such as castor oil, which tend to weigh down your hair and sometimes leave it feeling sticky.

so that's that... enjoy sealing lovelies :)

x edF


  1. l need to try sealing the ends of my hair

  2. Yeah ... give it a try :) Im sure it'll make a difference x


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