Sunday, 13 March 2011

Weave Maintenance part 2


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Evening amours,

today has been a really quiet day in my world, but quiet isn't always a bad thing! My weekend highlight had to be spending the day with a new found friend miss Dayana. Not only is she a hair lover, she also introduced me to the next best weave site!  Details to follow!

At the same time i've added 2 more tips to the weave maintenance post so if your into weaves check it out. Additions are written in pink.

So... back to this amazing site. 

Reniece is a hairdresser based in the US, and i'm sure many of the american sistahs are very familiar with her hair profile. Reniece is known for retaining length via constant weaves, and on the site (which is 100% genuine) you can see the fruits of that labour via her clients.

For those who need a little more encouraging i think weaving in order to retain length and hair health is a great idea. Your hair is tucked away and therefore you experience less environmental damage. It can also be easier to maintain than your own hair if of course your stretching or simply don't have time to maintain a more detailed regime.

So here's the link...
 Reniece is also on youtube

Be encouraged, be patient and get to rocking that weave!

x edF

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