Saturday, 1 May 2010


Yo yo yo people :)

I'm actually really excited about today's blog ...Like I said I did my longest stretch ever...12 weeks..and trust me it was a serious one!

I incorporated a weave into my stretch which is probably why I got through it...but i know for sure that my hair doesn't like being stretched for so long, so next time wont be for as long.

OH discovery! Well maybe just for me but I don't think hair perms well when it has been washed a few days before...I still have quite some regrowth :( I was bothered before but my main concern is that my regrowth is soft...anyway this time I'll stretch for 8 weeks only...

Below are the comparison pics I have from early January up until a few days ago...I'm happy with my hair thickness too...I thank castor oil and barely using straighteners oh and co-washes!

x edF x

1) Re-growth b4 relaxer

2) Re-growthified!!!


The first picture  date is wrong. It should be Nov 2009 ( forgive the laziness to change it!)

...and just in case your the first pic i took quite a bit of hair but it was still thin. Pic two is the same amount of hair 
x edF x

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