Saturday, 1 May 2010


Good Friday and dad is back!!! I have to share my excitement with u...the father is finally back in the UK...haven't seen him since July so my blog should be extra chirpy!!! I thought it would be nice to share with all the 'long hair lovers' some of the women who have totally inspired if not pushed my haircare journey...and do believe everything u see is oh so real! Don't get me wrong my journey isn't just to gain hair length (cos trust me some women with shorter hair have better hair than those with long hair!) but also too have thicker hair and fewer split ends.

Oh and hear this....My aunty was talking about sex in marriage today and said that I'm lucky I have hair so when my husband wants to get frisky and grab it I have more than enough...errrrr okay but why did she say it and my dad was sitting right next to me! Not kool!!! Anyway beautiful people enjoy but try and keep your mouths closed when looking @ the pics below!!! ;)

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Hair care regime (next blog coming soon x)

1) Sunshyne 2007

2) Sunshyne 2010

Miss Darshae Kelly





Miss Bronzeg


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